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World Changing Technologies Pte Ltd (WCT) researches, develops, commercializes and distributes new, innovative technologies and products to provide integrated solutions for disinfection, decontamination and nano coating applications. WCT distributes, markets and sells Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayers, Microbecide® Premium TiO2Ag Microbecide® Premium TiO2 and Microbecide® Silver Ion Complex.

Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayer Systems are a world leader for applying nano coatings, antimicrobials, hospital disinfectants and other liquid-based solutions utilizing electrostatic applicator technology.

Microbecide® Premium TiO2Ag & TiO2 provides a fast acting, long lasting, sealed titanium shell which destroys any virus, bacteria or germ in proximity providing continous protection for up to a year for treated surfaces.

Microbecide® Liquid Glass SiO2 is formulated for application to glass and surfaces to be self cleaning, anti-fogging, graffiti -ptotected.

Microbecide® Silver Ion Complex provides powerful advantages as a natural antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial agent and health defense against dangerous microorganisms.

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TC-320 Electrostatic Naon Coating System

Microbecide® TC-320 Electrostatic Sprayer System

Microbecide® electrostatic sprayer system is a world leader in applying nano coatings, antimicrobials, hospital disinfectants and other liquid-based, Eco-friendly nano solutions utilizing electrostatic technology.

Our electrostatic sprayer system, incorporating patented technology developed at the University of Georgia, USA, significantly increases the amount of coating that “sticks” to a surface.

This electrostatic force, up to 75 times greater than the force of gravity, pulls droplets up, down or sideways, to coat the underside, backside and crevasses of targeted areas.

Results – Reduced materials and labour costs, a consistent, uniform coating – No Drips, No Runs and No Uncoated Areas.

Model TC–320

Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayer Systems We are pleased to announce the Microbecide® TC–320 Electrostatic Sprayer System, manufactured in Singapore.

The TC-320 electrostatic system is the culmination of operator´s suggestions for improvements, requests for specific functions to be added, and feedback gathered about previous system deficiencies.


The TC–320 features:

  • Easy Clean Up
    No tank drain or tank cleaning necessary
  • Larger Air Compressor
    Powerful, more than one horsepower, low noise, heavy duty compressor
  • Flow Rate Adjustable
    Precisely control coating amount applied, from 20ml per minute up to 14 litres per hour
  • Flow Gauge and Flow Regulator In Case
    Easily accessible to the operator
  • Spray Overhead
    Spray high ceilings, window tops, no loss of spray output when spraygun is raised overhead
  • No Clogs, Chokes or Blockages
    No lost coating materials, no clogging or stoppages in liquid line or spraygun
  • Compact, Easy To Transport
    Quiet, unobtrusive, no larger than an airline carry on bag
  • Quick Connect, One Meter Liquid Supply Line
    Your coating container is all you need
  • Corrosion Resistant Components
    Stainless steel compressor mount, smaller, lighter weight chrome plated liquid and air connectors

World-Wide Partners for Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayers and Antimicrobial Nano Coatings


Microbecide® After Sales Support

Click For Upgrade Your Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayer Our Tampines workshop is fully stocked with most critical spare parts, sprayguns, hoses and connectors.

We are focused on building the best electrostatic sprayer systems in the market, and providing the best after sales support to our customers around the globe.

Click for Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayer Components We will replace worn or corroded components with stainless steel or chrome plated components, replace frayed or worn hose, service the spraygun and base unit and have your system back to you, ready for the job, quickly and efficiently.

Click To Upgrade Your TC-200 TodayWe can quickly upgrade your older model TC-220 Electrostatic Sprayer to TC-320 capability. Check our upgrade offering and spare parts on our website MicrobecideSprayer.Com


Sales Update

We have shipped Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayer Systems to the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Burnei, Turkey, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Japan.

Our customer list continues to grow and now includes Commercial Properties, Athletic Facilities, Military Facilities, Child Care Clinics, Dental Clinics, Veterinary Clinics, Universities, Schools, Day Care Centres and Food Centres.


Electrostatic Sprayer Systems

High usage facilities are under ever increasing pressure in the fight against highly contagious infections, striving to ensure the best possible protection for clients and professionals working in close proximity. Bio Decontamination Services are ideally suited to facilities requirements for rapid, flexible and safe bio decontamination and can provide disinfection and decontamination of play centers, classrooms, canteens, offices, entire schools and equipment.


Microbecide® TiO2 Antimicrobial Coatings

MicrobecideŽ Spray Click For Product

With the possibility of dangerous pandemics again looming (HFMD, H7N9), and antibiotic resistant superbugs (EV71, MRSA) on the rise, daycare facilities, institutions, companies and individuals are faced with the dilemma of how to protect their children, employees and families from infectious disease without exposing them to toxic chemicals.


Microbecide® Premium TiO2Ag

Microbecide® Premium TiO2 Ag kills the "Bird Flu" (H5N1), Influenza A (H1N1), Poliovirus and EV71 (causes HFMD) viruses, and eliminates MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) as well as harmful, illness-causing organisms such as Salmonella, E coli, (causes food poisoning) Staph and Pseudomonas (infections), Rhinoviruses, (causes colds), Herpes simplex (cold sores), Influenza (causes the Flu), Trichophyton (causes ringworm), molds and mildew.

Microbecide® Premium TiO2Ag is applied using Microbecide® electrostatic sprayer systems to hospital rooms, operating rooms, clinics, schools, buildings, to provide continual residual protection against recontamination on coated surfaces for up to one year.

Microbecide® Premium TiO2Ag is non-toxic, odorless, colorless and non-flammable.

Microbecide® Premium TiO2 is best for application on special rooms such as smoking rooms at airports and other facilities requiring removal of VOC's, disinfection and deodorizing. Microbecide® Premium TiO2 provides outdoor protection for buildings and exterior surfaces against organic contaminates such as mold and mildew for up to a year.

Microbecide® Premium TiO2Ag and TiO2 are applied using Microbecide® electrostatic sprayer systems.


Microbecide® SiO2 Liquid Glass Surface Coatings

SiO2 Liquid Glass

Microbecide® SiO2 is ultrathin layers of polymerized Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) molecules. Microbecide® SiO2 coatings are characterized by transparency, high bonding strength and comprehensive chemical resistance. Microbecide® SiO2 technology enables us to spray coat industrial and domestic surfaces with a super durable coating of invisible, easy to clean glass. The coatings are undetectable, super phobic (repel oil and water), biostatic and environmentally friendly. All coated surfaces become "easy clean" and in most instances the coated surfaces can be cleaned with water alone.

Microbecide® SiO2 is applied using Microbecide® electrostatic sprayer systems.


Microbecide® Silver Ion Complex

Microbecide Silver Ion SprayMicrobecide® Silver Ion Complex is an unparalleled antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial Spray for everyday use.

Leading Today's Global Trend toward industry and consumer use of "green" products, Microbecide® Silver Ion Complex incorporates new, innovative technology to specifically benefit the environment and protect people in everyday life.

Microbecide® Silver Ion Complex rapidly and thoroughly kills harmful, illness causing bacteria, fungi and viruses, is friendly and non-toxic to the environment and is safe for plants, pets and humans. Microbecide® Silver Ion Complex is a natural health defense, non sticky, colorless and odorless.

Kills the A(H1N1), H5N1 and SARS Viruses

Microbecide® Silver Ion Complex kills the Influenza A(H1N1), H5N1 "Bird Flu" and SARS viruses, and eliminates MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), VRE (vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus) as well as harmful, illness-causing organisms such as Salmonella, E coli, (causes food poisoning) Staph and Pseudomonas (infections), Rhinoviruses, (causes colds), Herpes simplex (cold sores), Influenza (causes the Flu), Poliovirus (causes HFMD), Trichophyton (causes ringworm), molds and mildew.


Kills 99.99% Germs in 60 Seconds 24 HOURS OF CONTINOUS PROTECTION

Microbecide® Silver Ion Complex creates a protective "Active Surface" kill barrier that provides 24 hours of continuous protection against recontamination by dangerous germs.

Contact us at +65 6449 3928 or contact a Microbecide Partner for more information and pricing.


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